Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's....

Caleb was SUPERMAN for Halloween!
Here he is posing at the squadron Halloween party (the scarecrow is wearing a flight suit, if you can't tell. )
Caleb's little friend Gavin, who lives across the street, had the same costume-they make a great little duo.Here we are at "Spot 9"-the hangout at the squadron-having pizza and laughing at Caleb's antics.

And last but not least, guess what?
Caleb is WALKING!
Here's my attempt at getting a good video of his performance.


Tim and Lisa said...

That is so cute. Alex was Superman and Autumn was Super Girl this year. It must be in the air.

thehalvs said...

What a cutie! He even looks a little like Clark Kent, so I'm thinking that outfit was a great choice! Miss you guys! Hope all is well in your new adventures-

The Browns said...

That's adorable. Superman in floods. :] It's so exciting that he's walking. Now you'll see how well you've baby-proofed. :]

Jacob said...

Sawyer was also Superman for Halloween - only I attempted to make most of his costume, so it's a little more frumpy than Caleb's...but CUTE nonetheless - aren't boys fun?


bjahlstrom said...

I've really enjoyed perusing your blog, Rachel! I hope all is well in Oklahoma!