Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He's such a little boy now!

Our little Caleb is growing like a weed-it seems like he hardly wears his clothes and he's outgrown them! Every day it seems like he is doing something new-he's getting very good at sitting up on his own and has recently started blowing raspberries with a vengeance (with spit flying everywhere! :) We can't believe how old he looks-doesn't he look just like his dad? When Jeremy comes home every day he flashes the biggest grin you've ever seen-I think he's going to be a daddy's boy. He loves to look at Daddy's patches on his flight suit and grab at them, of course. I think he will start crawling soon-but for now he just rolls over just as soon as we put him on his belly. He's proud of his new skill!

We love the fuzzy hair he's growing-it just sticks straight up and it's adorable. We may have to cut his hair soon!
As for the grown-ups in the house-we're doing great-just getting geared up for our impending move-we're set to leave Washington in just 4 months-so we have a lot to do! We're glad for the longer days and the springtime weather that has been flirting with us after what felt like a very long winter.