Friday, January 30, 2009

Updated photos

Well, here's an update! We can't believe it's almost February-time is flying by so quickly! It has been a great month-we all flew to Scott Air Force Base (in Illinois) for a week to attend "High Flight"-a program for Captains and their spouses. It was freezing cold, but we had a great time and learned a ton!

When we got back in town we got to go visit Grandpa Evans and Caleb put on a show talking and giggling and hamming it up for the camera!
Caleb's favorite activities are cooing and smiling at Mommy, giggling at one of his stuffed doggies, eating what seems like constantly, and sleeping. He's a great sleeper, and usually sleeps in the 'I surrender' pose!

He has the best Daddy, who gets such a kick out of his antics and we find ourselves laughing to tears all the time at Caleb's funny expressions. We feel like the luckiest parents in the world.