Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update after long absence!

Here are pictures taken here and there on our trip from Washington to Oklahoma!

Uncle Elden with Caleb on our stop in Utah.

Caleb played in a city water park in St. George.

Caleb is a little shy but warmed up to Tracy pretty quickly!

We had a fun day at "This is the Place" monument with Moma D, the Grays, and the grandmas.

Caleb got to ride on the mini train and enjoy the petting zoo!

Even a pony ride...

and a trolley ride!

Well, folks-we are here in Oklahoma and boy has it been a fun ride! Since our last post we've moved half way across the country, visited lots of family on the way, and moved into our new house! We love living on base-we have awesome neighbors and everything is super close. Caleb just had his first birthday on September 19th-so I made a Sunshine cake and we invited some friends over to share cake and ice cream with us. We lit one candle, sang happy birthday to Caleb, and then as we all looked expectantly at him he just burst into tears! It was just too much being in the spotlight, I guess. Anyway-his mood changed for the better moments later when he got his cake! As you can see he loved it. :)

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